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Soothe Fidget Disc


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If you are looking for a simple fidget tool that provides tactile input and sensory stimulation, this fidget disk is a fabulous choice.

The acrylic disk is 5cm in diameter and .3cm thick.  It has our textured Soothe Stickers on both sides to provide an incredible sensory experience.  One side has our Soothe Word Mark sticker and the other side has our Spiral Breathing sticker.  You can breathe  in and out while tracing the spiral, you can just trace the spiral, you can spin and flip the disk and watch the spiral spin and wobble.  It fits flat in a pocket and can be fiddled with discretely and even while in your pocket or lap or behind your back.

The textured stickers can be rubbed, scratched, traced and picked at. The rough texture provides extra sensory input for sensory seekers.

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Cosmic Sky, Deep Sea, Ocean Sunrise, Spectrum Gradient


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