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Motivate Soothe Sticker Set


“Motivate” Textured Soothe Stickers

Sensory Tools that Stick

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The “Motivate” Textured Soothe Stickers have been designed to encourage you while providing sensory input.

This set of 5 stickers includes 1 Logo Strip, 2 Small Sensory Strips, 1 Encouraging “You’ve Got This” Sticker and a 4-4-4-4 Breathing sticker.  It’s a great blend of the different sets; and will provide you with options.

These stickers are an excellent sensory tool for children and adults of all abilities.  They have a rough texture that can be rubbed, scratched, traced, and picked at; providing sensory input for sensory seekers.

Each set of “Motivate” stickers comes with 5 stickers.

You’ve Got This Sticker – 2.25″x 2.2″
4-4-4-4 Breathing Sticker – 2.25″x2.25″
2 Small Sensory Strips – 1’x2.25″ – 1″x3.5″

Our goal here at Soothe Stickers is to help people of all ages find calm and to learn ways to self-regulate. Our hope is that our stickers will provide sensory input for those who need a little extra to help settle their systems. Breathing is such an integral part of calming the nervous system that we’ve incorporated breathing prompts into some of our stickers. Whether you are looking to find your own calm or helping children through co-regulation…..we hope these stickers will help you.

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Weight 0.023 g
Dimensions 6.25 × 4.25 × 0.125 in
Color Scheme

Deep Sea, Light Oak, Ocean Sunrise, Spectrum Gradient


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